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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Introduction: Vaccine Voices Film Festival

Acknowledging the messy COVID-19 vaccine landscape.

People experience COVID-19 vaccines in different ways. Nine months after these injections began, legitimate perspectives are being ignored.

Governments, health officials, and most journalists have zero interest in acknowledging the bigger, messier picture. Instead, it’s all propaganda, all the time.

Get your shot. Get your next shot. Now get another.

Do your part. Don’t be selfish. Fall into line.

It’s as though we’ve all forgotten how incompetent governments can be (case in point: the $1 billion, decade-long debacle when Canada upgraded its public service payroll system).

It’s as though we’ve forgotten the many COVID lies we’ve already been told (see here, here, here, here, and here).

Bedrock concepts such as medical privacy, bodily autonomy, and informed consent have mysteriously vanished. As though they never existed.

Beginning tomorrow, and for the rest of September, this blog will feature a daily video in which COVID vaccines are discussed. Some will be short testimonials. Others will be longer interviews. Taken together, these videos will provide a more complete picture, a broader perspective.

Here’s to confronting the bad stuff, rather than sweeping it under the rug.


Over the past year, I’ve written 27 blog posts about vaccines in the context of COVID-19:

  • Vaccines Are Complicated
    Eager as we are for a COVID vaccine, we need to be realistic about possible harms – and a plausible timeline (30 Sept. 2020)


  • Vaccines & Informed Consent
    Adverse reactions to a 2009 swine flu vaccine profoundly harmed a small minority of those who received it (9 Dec. 2020)











  • Francis Christian, Medical Hero
    Saskatchewan surgeon insists on informed consent prior to children receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Health authority fires him before an investigation has even begun (26 June 2021)







  • COVID News You May Have Missed
    Lockdowns and vaccine coercion were protested around the world this weekend, as doctors sang the praises of Ivermectin (26 July 2021)






  • Breastfeeding Infant Dies After Mom Is Vaccinated
    CDC says there’s no data about COVID vaccines & nursing infants. But its own database records the death of a 5-month-old. From blood clots. 72 hours after his mother received her second shot of Pfizer (11 Aug. 2021)


  • The Stark Math Behind Vaccine Mandates
    New vaccines have a 98% failure rate after 10 full years in development. How can more than a dozen COVID vaccines possibly be ready for prime time? (18 Aug. 2021)




  • Professor’s Vaccine Mandate Manifesto
    ‘This will be, for most Canadian faculty, the first if not the only real test of their integrity and dignity, and their purpose as scholars and intellectuals. It is absolutely essential that they not fail this test…’ (1 Sept. 2021)



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