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Unity or Division? Individual Choice or State Coercion?

Prominent artist promotes brave, big-hearted petition addressed to Singapore’s Prime Minister.

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Iris Koh is an accomplished music director who resides in Singapore. She is also the author of an online petition addressed to Lee Hsien, that country’s Prime Minister.

click image to read the full text of Iris Koh’s petition

Headlined Do not let vaccination status divide us, this is a brave, smart, big-hearted document. It includes statements such as:

We do not allow race, language or religion to divide us, why vaccine status?

…If we were to get any form of illness in Singapore, be it cancer or diabetes etc, we always have the right and the freedom of choice to choose how we wish to be treated. Why not COVID? What is so special about COVID that only certain methods of treatment are allowed when there have been so many reported protocols worldwide without relying on vaccines to save the day.

…Let us be responsible for our lives and please make alternative treatment options available.

The petition argues that treating vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals differently will harm national unity and may “incite anger, violence and hatred against each other.” It expresses concern over how vaccine injuries are being tracked and investigated by the authorities, and dismay at the Health Ministry’s dismissive response to doctors who believe young people shouldn’t be vaccinated until more data becomes available.

Koh is now in danger of being deplatformed by social media. Already, Facebook is inserting itself into the conversation taking place between her and her many Facebook friends. Underneath a post in which she urges people to sign her petition, Facebook has appended an opinion it ascribes to the World Health Organization. This is the pablum party line promoted by Big Tech: “COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and are then monitored closely.

click image for source; screen capture of full text HERE

Some tests can provide information about a vaccine’s effectiveness. But safety can only be assessed over the long term. A year ago this week, Ruud Dobber of AstraZeneca, explained to Reuters that pharmaceutical companies developing COVID vaccines needed protection from lawsuits.

Please note his explanation: “we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in…four years the vaccine is showing side effects.” In other words: a vaccine can appear to be perfectly safe for three full years. Then, in year four, a harmful side effect can become apparent, one serious enough to jeopardize the viability of a $130-billion corporation.

Declaring that vaccines barely out of the laboratory have passed “many tests for safety” is absurd.

Iris Koh’s petition tells the truth. May it help Singapore achieve a bright future.



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