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Israel Not Tracking Post Vaccine Problems

Every health system in the world should be keenly interested in Israel’s adverse vaccine reactions. But the data doesn’t exist.

Video posted on the website of the Israeli People’s Committee (in English, 17 minutes)

The incomprehensible gap between the reality…and the information published by the Israeli ministry of health…raises the fear of dangerous deception not only of Israeli citizens but of citizens all around the world, who see Israel as the research laboratory of Pfizer’s corona vaccine product. (page 22)

The above quote is from a document about Israel’s COVID-19 vaccine experience published by a group of concerned citizens, the Israeli People’s Committee. Translated from Hebrew into English, this is a jaw dropping read.

Titled Report of Adverse Events Related to the Corona Vaccine, May 2021: Never has a vaccine injured so many, it says the rollout of Pfizer’s vaccine in Israel includes no serious mechanism to track post vaccine fallout.

America has had a vaccine adverse reaction reporting system for the past 30 years. Despite some shortcomings, it allows members of the public as well as medical professionals to submit extensive information. Anyone with an Internet connection can examine these reports firsthand.

The UK’s Yellow Card system, which applies to drugs as well as vaccines, has been around since 1963 (nearly 60 years). It was established after thalidomide, a drug taken for morning sickness that caused countless miscarriages and led to the birth of an estimated 10,000 infants with profound deformities.

While the UK database lacks the transparency of the US one, physicians and members of the public have long been encouraged to report health-related adverse reactions, and this data is actively monitored.

Neither the Israeli government nor Pfizer seems to have been the least bit interested in systematically documenting post vaccine side effects. Israel was one of the first nations to receive these vaccines. Pfizer is employing brand new vaccine technology. The vaccines have achieved only provisional (rather than full) regulatory approval. One would think every health care system in the world would be keenly interested in Israeli’s data.

But that data is almost non-existent. The report tells us an extremely short online form that few people knew about was added to the health ministry’s website. Initially, it didn’t record contact information, so there wasn’t any way a Pfizer representative or a ministry official might follow up.

The People’s Committee report says the online form originally listed only mild symptoms from which to choose, and that it wasn’t possible to describe other matters in detail. In the words of the report:

Recently, after the committee’s legal team sent a letter on this matter to the Attorney General and then also filed a petition to the High Court of Justice, the form was slightly modified, the possibility of free text was expanded and the possibility of contact details was added. However…this change was made very late, after most of the adult population has already been vaccinated. (page 24)

Once the Send button is pressed on that online form, the information disappears into a black hole. No public record acknowledges its existence. The report continues:

in Israel there is no monitoring system that will allow following of vaccine related adverse events in pregnant women, pregnancy status, fetus status, and the baby’s condition after birth…In response to a query sent by the Freedom of Information Movement to the ministry of health, the latter admitted of having no data even about the number of vaccinated pregnant women, and hence it is quite clear that the ministry does not have any data on their condition.

Numerous troubling questions are raised by this report, which says the media seems equally determined to sweep post-vaccine problems under the rug.

According to the report, in response to a Freedom of Information request, the Health Ministry admitted that 45 Israelis had died within 3 weeks of receiving a COVID vaccine. But the Committee says it, alone, is aware of 330 deaths, 90% of which occurred within 10 days.

The report alleges that Emergency Department doctors now routinely begin their examination by asking patients how long ago they were vaccinated, yet decline to record this information in official medical records. No one wants to acknowledge any possible connection.

It’s important to see the big picture here. Vaccines are rushed into a population. Some individuals encounter serious medical problems as a result. No attempt is made to track what’s actually going on, because an entire society has decided these vaccines are a ticket back to normal life.

Where does that leave the unfortunate souls coping with vaccine-induced medical issues? Their very existence is an embarrassment to the vaccination campaign. They feel invisible. Abandoned. The report quotes an Israeli physician in early April:

Almost every day at least one person turns to me who got ill after taking the vaccine…What characterizes almost all of these people is a sense of despair and hopelessness.








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