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Israeli Doctors Against COVID Vaccines for Kids

Highly qualified medical professionals have been objecting for months.

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Last week, I told you about Francis Christian, a heroic Canadian doctor who thinks parents and teens deserve to be fully informed about the risks before young people receive COVID-19 vaccines. If you listen to a recording of a recent conversation between him and three Saskatchewan officials, it’s apparent they think he’s borderline mentally ill. Near the end of that conversation, those officials repeatedly urge him to seek help.

But Christian isn’t crazy. Nor is he alone. Had we been following Israel’s vaccine rollout more closely, we’d all know that 93 Israeli doctors signed a letter three months ago protesting the administering of these vaccines to kids. In April, reported that prominent physicians were publicly urging caution and humility.

We “do not understand everything about the virus and the vaccine against it,” they wrote, pointing out that “the first commandment of medicine” is to do no harm. The news report continued:

“We believe that not even a handful of children should be endangered through mass vaccination against a disease that is not dangerous to them,” [the doctors] wrote. “Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that the vaccine will have long-term adverse effects that have not yet been discovered at this time, including on growth, reproductive system or fertility.”

The following day, Israel’s Public Emergency Council for the Covid19 Crisis (PECC) released a position paper about vaccinating those under the age of 16. It dismisses a study conducted by vaccine manufacturer Pfizer involving 1,131 children aged 12-15:

the results do not provide a reliable accounting of the safety of the vaccine…the size of Pfizer’s clinical trial…was not sufficient to gain a clear enough picture regarding side-effects at a rate lower than 1:1,000…at this stage, there is no information about long-term effects of the vaccine. This fact is particularly significant with respect to children, who are still growing and developing.

The position paper says that while it isn’t necessary to vaccinate the average child against COVID, exceptions should be made for kids who are “in danger of severe damage” due to other health challenges. It also says that, “out of respect for parents,” those “who wish to vaccinate their children should be allowed to do so” – so long as they receive an information booklet and a full explanation beforehand, and provide “their signed informed consent.”

PECC is an independent body comprised of experienced individuals with expertise in children’s health, public health, disaster management, emergency medicine, ethics, infectious diseases, and immunology. Here’s a poster/infographic produced by that organization to help parents make this important decision.

You can read the full position paper here.

From the April 2021 position paper. Click image for complete document.



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