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Two Vaccine Doses, Two Leg Amputations

Minnesota woman develops catastrophic health problems after her second COVID-19 vaccine.

Jummai Nache, photo from her daughter’s Instagram (click image)

It’s difficult to know the true origin of medical problems that occur after someone receives a vaccine. Did other factors play a role? Would these problems have arisen anyway? Science can rarely answer such questions definitively.

Nevertheless, devastating things do occur. Originally from Nigeria, Jummai Nache and her husband Philip studied at a seminary in Kentucky before moving to Minneapolis in 2015. There they established the Hope of Nations church. (This short, two-year-old video explains their work amongst the many immigrants who’ve made Minneapolis-St Paul their new home.)

The couple have four daughters. In 2019, Jummai graduated from a nursing school program. Philip’s detailed account on a GoFundMe page says she’s “a medical assistant who worked in one of the clinics…where she was instructed to take the covid-19 vaccine.”

When Jummai rolled up her sleeve for her second Pfizer dose on February 1st, she had no way of knowing she’d soon be hospitalized, and would remain there for several months. But that barely skims the surface of what this family has been through.

Soon after her second shot, Jummai began having chest pain. On February 6th, she sought medical attention. Doctors were unable to find anything wrong. Nevertheless, the routine COVID test they administered came back positive on February 7th.

This was a surprise. First, Jummai was fully vaccinated. Second, she had no COVID symptoms. Third, Philip himself never developed COVID.

Perhaps the result was a false positive. The New York Times reported a year ago that “standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus.” In other words, we know COVID-19 tests are unreliable. We just pretend otherwise.

Alternatively, the vaccine may have backfired. Sometimes a person becomes more susceptible to a virus, rather than less. This is well known in the medical research community, but the media rarely mentions it.

Jummai spent a few days at home, thinking she had COVID. On February 13th she was admitted to hospital, and by the 14th doctors told Philip “her heart was deteriorating, her oxygen levels and blood pressure were low and she needed to be put on a ventilator.”

She experienced blood clots and widespread inflammation. The damage was so severe that, in June, both her legs were amputated below the knee. Since then, much of her left hand and part of her right hand have also been amputated. Along with all the trauma and suffering, her medical bills will be crushing. Thus the GoFundMe page.

Jummai Nache, 2nd GoFundMe photo, updated on 30 July 2021 (click image). First GoFundMe photo HERE

Jummai’s case was reported to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Philip says 70-80 individuals discussed it during a virtual meeting, but that his request to be present was denied. In his words,

About 8 weeks after the meeting the CDC sent us a letter of their conclusions which stated that Jummai was infected with [multiple inflammatory syndrome], but they cannot conclude whether the covid-19 vaccine contributed for now.

Last month, a Nigerian newspaper published a story about Jummai. When that news story was shared on Facebook by Red River TV (which is hosted by Kevin Batts, a black US military veteran), Facebook grotesquely declared below the post: COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and are then monitored closely.

Dear Facebook: All the monitoring in the world won’t give Jummai her feet back.

Philip Nache cites the biblical Book of Job as a source of strength during this terrible time. In an Instagram video, one of their daughters thanks God for sparing her mother’s life.

If you pray, please do so for this family.






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