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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

The Stark Math Behind Vaccine Mandates

New vaccines have a 98% failure rate after 10 full years in development. How can more than a dozen COVID vaccines possibly be ready for prime time?

This woman says she’s 5 months pregnant and experiencing heart problems, but a cardiologist turned her away because she isn’t vaccinated. Profanity alert.

As governments, employers, and educational institutions coerce people into getting COVID-19 vaccines, as ‘my body, my choice’ is utterly jettisoned, as people are demoted to second-class citizenship, it’s time to revisit one basic fact:

When vaccines get developed for a disease for which no prior vaccine exists, the process normally takes 10+ years. Even after all of that work, 98% of these efforts fail. Big picture, 98% are judged unsafe or inadequate.

The odds, therefore, are slim that even one of the dozen+ COVID vaccines currently authorized by governments is genuinely safe. It isn’t merely plausible that most will harm large numbers of people, it’s highly likely they will. That is a reasonable expectation under the circumstances.

Please don’t badger those around you about getting a vaccine. Please respect the right of your friends, relatives, and neighbours to make their own healthcare decisions.

It is within the power of each of us to offer emotional support to those being scapegoated, hounded, and bullied. In Italy, people have protested by burning their vaccine passports. In France, they’re staying away from sidewalk cafes where police harass customers, demanding proof of vaccination. They’ve chosen to eat on park benches, instead. They’re setting up feasts in public squares, bringing their own tables, chairs, and food.

Five years from now, when we look back on this moment, will we be proud of our own behaviour – or ashamed?



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