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Doctor Resigns Over Lack of Informed Consent

Israeli committee decides pregnant women don’t need to be told COVID vaccine risk is wholly unknown.

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Israel has been a test bed for COVID-19 vaccines. The leaders of this nation of 9 million people persuaded Pfizer to provide it with early, ample supplies. Shots were dispensed quickly throughout the general population. Part of the idea was that the results would be helpful and informative to the world at large.

It’s therefore strange that the Western media has paid so little attention to what has actually gone on in Israel. An important development occurred in March of this year. A prominent medical personality resigned from the health ministry’s Vaccine Prioritization Committee. His name is Eran Dolev, and he’s a former chairman of the Israeli Medical Association ethics committee.

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Dolev doesn’t think pregnant women should be given these vaccines. Because the Pfizer trials deliberately excluded pregnant women, no one knows what might happen. Vaccinating pregnant women with a hot-off-the-press vaccine is a gamble. It’s a blind roll of the dice. Human societies have long protected pregnant women. Using them as guinea pigs is the opposite of this.

Dolev served in the military for two decades. On many occasions, he was near the front line, patching up horrendous injuries in field hospitals, losing people who’d had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It’s important to note that Dolev didn’t resign after the committee overruled his pregnant women objections. The breaking point came when it rejected his plea that these women be fully informed – that they be explicitly told, prior to receiving their first shot, that no one knows what the risks might look like.

Here’s what Dolev told an Israeli television station:

When they didn’t accept my opinion – they’re allowed, I’m not the smartest – I wrote to committee coordinator Boaz Lev, that if it were decided to vaccinate pregnant women, in my opinion it must be explained to each woman who comes to receive a vaccine, that the vaccine has not been checked, the vaccine has not been approved [by the American FDA], and to make her sign an informed consent form. They did not accept my position.

Informed consent is a cornerstone of modern medicine. It’s supposed to be non-negotiable. In their zeal to dispense COVID vaccines, politicians have forgotten that. Public health officials have forgotten. Many doctors apparently have, as well.

Dolev, who once taught ethics to medical students, has not.



  • Dolev’s Wikipedia page, translated from Hebrew via Google Translate, is HERE
  • Dolev is the author of a 2002 first-person account in The Lancet, titled Reflections on Military Medicine
  • he is also the author of the 2007 book, Allenby’s Military Medicine: Life and Death in World War I Palestine. Currently out-of-print, a 223-page PDF edition may be downloaded HERE




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