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Second Quarter Report

Since relaunching this blog in January, I’ve written 77 posts. Over the past three months, I began examining the anti-plastic crusade. (Stayed tuned for more on that topic.) I’ve published three posts on the ridiculously well-heeled Sierra Club:

I’ve written four on Canada’s unsavoury environmentalist:

And I’ve time-traveled back 50 years to examine the book that made Paul Ehrlich a household name:

The environmental perspective is not marginal. It is not underfunded. Rather, it’s promoted by scores of professional lobby groups worldwide. These groups have multi-million dollar budgets, corporate structures, and tons of lawyers on their payroll.

They are not David with a slingshot. They are Goliath.

In historical terms, this is an unprecedented power shift. How can ordinary citizens, beleaguered taxpayers, keep in check the immense influence of the green movement? How can we prevent its militant, often irrational perspective from sabotaging our economic well-being? How do we counter the clout it exercises at all levels of government? How do we challenge its self-serving PR on virtually every topic under the sun?

The answers are far from clear. But journalists surely need to subject the green movement to scrutiny and skepticism. That’s part of what I do.

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