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The Most Trusted Canadian Is A Dick

SPOTLIGHT: A few last remarks about David Suzuki.

BIG PICTURE: In 2011, Reader’s Digest announced the results of a public opinion poll. Who was the Most Trusted Canadian? For the third year in a row, broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki had topped the list of 25 people. In 2015, his name appeared first yet again in the same publication’s list of “Canada’s Most-Trusted Influencers.”

Curiously, people who’ve actually met the man aren’t so warmly disposed. A few days ago, Licia Corbella’s column in the Calgary Sun was titled Suzuki told me to ‘F-off’, but his hypocrisy gives the finger to his message. In private, Saint Suzuki is apparently foul-mouthed and rude. In Corbella’s words:

Over the years, any time I have written about Suzuki, I have I received [sic] many emails, particularly from flight attendants and CBC cameramen, who say Suzuki is, in their experience, the most uncivil, surly customer or colleague they have ever had the misfortune to deal with…

Please do click through and read the rest here (backup link here).

TOP TAKEAWAY: My three previous posts, below, explain why I find it impossible to respect Suzuki. It’s sobering to realize that, despite his obvious shortcomings, he’s widely trusted.


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