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Guts & Grit

Any society in which people are fired for not making the medical decision their government wants them to make is an unjust society.

Canadian Juscha Grunther used to be gainfully employed as a homecare worker. On a daily basis, she improved the quality of life of disabled individuals. Today, she’s one of the invisible multitudes – a person who lost her job because she declined to be injected with COVID-19 vaccines.

Juscha appears in the first part of the video above. Concerned about medical apartheid in Canada, she invites like-minded Canadians to lobby politicians to pass legislation banning mandatory vaccination under any circumstances.

discussion of Section 7 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms – a screengrab from the website of Canada’s federal Department of Justice (click image)

Bodily autonomy (security of the person) is guaranteed by this country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as by other national documents and international human rights declarations. Over the past year, this fundamental right to refuse medical treatment has been determinedly ignored by the powers-that-be.

When everyone from mayors to landlords to medical associations start behaving as though a longstanding human right no longer exists, that’s the big red flag – the signal that things are going off the rails.

In the video, Grunther begins by introducing herself:

My name is Juscha Grunther…for the past year I’ve been struggling to do the painful, hard, right thing in a world which mostly seems to have lost its way. And I’m talking to you from my converted school bus…I lost my home, I lost my job ‘cause I refused to take an injection that was still very experimental, the ingredients of which and the longterm side effects of which are still largely unknown. And I am not willing to be a guinea pig. [bold added]

She continues:

This is a call out to our politicians on [Parliament Hill, in Ottawa] to find their courage…This is also a call out to all Canadians. People who do have guts and grit, and whose capacity for thinking for themselves is still intact.

Like many of us, Juscha feels shell shocked. So much that we collectively professed to cherish has slipped away so quickly:

I never thought I would experience anything like this in my life. These lockdowns, these shutdowns, the isolation, the masking, the dehumanizing, all of it. Our humanity seems to be under attack. Everything that is so beautiful to the human spirit: justice and freedom, beauty of being, smiles, warmth, connection, closeness, hugs, dance and prayer, music and fun. Love. Truth. All this and more seemed to practically vanish in the blink of an eye under the decree of our various health authorities…

Voices such as Juscha’s have been ignored by the mainstream media. But you can see her interviewed here. In that instance, at 3:10 minutes, she declares: “I’d actually rather die fighting, fighting these mandates, than get the vaccine. That’s how strongly I felt about it.”

You don’t have to agree with Juscha. But she is an adult of sound mind who has an inalienable right to make her own medical decisions about her own body.

Any society in which it’s OK to fire people who don’t make the medical decision their government or their employer thinks they should make is an unjust society.


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