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Meet Canada’s Trampled Lady

Police horses trampled two protesters in Ottawa five days ago. One suffered a broken collarbone. The identity and condition of the other remains unknown.

Candice Sero, photo posted on Facebook by her niece

Candice Sero resides in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, a 2.5-hour drive from Canada’s Parliament Hill. Last Friday, she was one of numerous peaceful protesters subjected to inexcusable police violence in Ottawa.

After a group of officers on horseback rode aggressively close to where protesters were standing, Sero and a man were trampled.

Interviewed three days later by Alexandra Lavoie of RebelNews, Sero describes herself as “bruised and sore,” with a fractured collar bone. “It doesn’t look like I’ll be driving anytime soon,” she says. But “I’m still alive, I’m still here.”

Sero, in the red jacket, on the ground beside her mobility device. Photographer unknown.

Video footage of Sero just prior to the arrival of the horses shows her standing with her mobility device, repeatedly telling a line of police: “We’re a peaceful protest.”

When asked by Lavoie whether officers offered her medical assistance, Sero says the opposite occurred. “After they trampled me, there was an officer, I think a couple of them, [who] kicked me. I’ve got a big bruise on the back of my thigh.”

She says she was dragged out of the way by her coat, and instructed to leave the area or be arrested. In her words, “they were all showing me anger and aggression.”

This incident is currently being investigated. Witnesses, including those with photographs and video, are invited to call 1-800-787-8529 here in Canada. Info may also be submitted online at:

During the interview with Lavoie, Sero herself asks a question in which Canada’s legacy media appear supremely uninterested: “Where did that other guy go? The other guy that really got stompled by the horses. Where did he go?” It is now five days since this incident occurred, and no one knows who he is, or whether he’s OK.

Sero now has her own Twitter account, in which she refers to herself as “Candy (trampled lady).”

Watch the RebelNews interview here. Below is a brief interview with Sero reportedly filmed a few days prior to the trampling incident. In it, she says she has spent days at the Ottawa protest, sleeping in her car. She also says that she, herself, is double-vaccinated.


The video below, circulating on social media, shows the trampling incident from another angle:




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