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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Dispatch from Ottawa

I’m currently in downtown Ottawa in the midst of the truckers’ freedom protest. Many of the people here are from small communities. There are so many stories, so much to see and photograph.

I’ve been to many demonstrations. This is, hands down, the most fascinating. On multiple dimensions.

The unity of purpose, the camaraderie between French and English-speaking participants, for example, is incredible. Out of difficult times, new bonds are forged.

The Canadian flag is everywhere. Participants say it’s like Canada Day (July 1st) in winter.

In response to the police unlawfully seizing containers of petrol from the truckers, it’s now an act of defiance to be seen with a Jerry can in this fair city. About 5:30 pm yesterday hundreds of protest supporters – including at least one family with younger kids – walked through the streets together carrying Jerry cans along with Canadian flags. Many of the cans were decoys. They were empty. Some were not.

The police made no effort to impede this group. I recorded a bit of video of that event, posted above. It can also be seen on Twitter here:

Many photographs will follow, as time permits, but here are a few to give you a small sense of things.


These are historic times. And Canadians are defending their freedom.


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