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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Northern Miracle

The Truckers Freedom Convoy is being called the ‘Northern Miracle’ south of the border. Recently a ‘black dude from New York’ got on the horn with ‘a white brother from Saskatchewan.’

Carbon Mike is a New York podcaster with a velvet voice (think smooth jazz). Last Tuesday, he interviewed Spencer Bautz, a 24-year-old member of the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy.

For the better part of an hour, they talked about the ‘Northern Miracle.’ In the words of Carbon Mike, this convoy has provided hope to people far and wide:

everyone in my circles, I mean everyone’s inspired by this. Everyone’s kind of got their spirits picked up by this. Everyone is looking at this like, man, this is the thing we’ve been hoping would happen, we’ve been praying would happen.

Bautz, who describes himself as “a small town kid from Saskatchewan,” says driving across the continent to the applause of so many Canadians has been a blessed experience. After shaking his head at so much that has gone on for two years, participating in the convoy has healed his spiritual wounds and expanded his universe:

the First Nations representation has been off the charts…Sault Ste Marie [Ontario] was a big one when we rolled through. And, wow. I’ve never been in a teepee before. It was my first time a couple days ago…it’s just been awesome. The diversity I’ve been exposed to…All sorts of different races, colours, creeds…

Carbon Mike declares what’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see. There’s nothing marginal about these truckers. Their support runs deep and wide:

People don’t stand out for hours in that kind of weather for any kind of fringe minority anything…When I saw the people by the side of the road in all these different places I’ve barely even heard of…[I said] OK, listen, this is for real. This is not some fringe thing.

No visuals accompany the podcast. Which is too bad. More than once, Bautz is interrupted by members of the public wanting to shake his hand as he sits in the cab of his truck outside the building that houses Canada’s Supreme Court.

The truckers are now an immensely unifying force. As “a black guy,” says Carbon Mike, it “really ticked me off” when Canadian government officials accused the convoy of racism:

as if they’re going to say that magic word and we’re gonna stop actually looking and listening and thinking about what you guys are doing…

In his view, while the “Professional Left” says it cares about working people, it rarely behaves that way:

It was really telling that Trudeau, instead of being a man, instead of manning up and saying I’m gonna talk to these truckers because these guys are Canadians and I’m the leader of my country, of Canada, he basically said I’m not gonna talk to anyone if I don’t agree with them. And that’s extraordinary.








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