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Day 20: Vaccine Voices Film Festival

Coroner says 44-year-old BBC radio host died from a vaccine-induced brain bleed. (1:45 minutes)

Lisa Shaw, a fit and healthy mother to a now-motherless son, received her first AstraZeneca vaccine on April 29th. On May 13th an ambulance took her to hospital. When blood clots were found in her brain, she was transferred to a second hospital.

Here’s how a BBC news story describes her final week:

on the evening of 16 May Ms Shaw said the headaches were worse and she had difficulty speaking.

Scans showed she had suffered a haemorrhage in the brain and after her condition deteriorated, part of her skull was removed to try and relieve the pressure inside her head.

Her condition continued to worsen and despite more surgery and treatments, she died on 21 May. [bold added]


Read the intro to the Vaccine Voices Film Festival here.





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