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Day 4: Vaccine Voices Film Festival

Ethics professor practices what she teaches. And pays a heavy price. (5 min)

Canadian ethics professor Julie Ponesse has taught at the University of Western Ontario for 20 years. Two days ago, she lost her job. For refusing to submit to a medical procedure.

What kind of world are we building, here?

Since when does your employer get to fire you over a medical matter?


27 Dec. 2021 update:  The above video announces, at the end: “Dr. Ponesse was dismissed from her position on September 7, 2021.” But that wasn’t technically true.

In the final paragraph of Chapter 1 of her book published months later, Ponesse admits her employer didn’t officially fire her until September 16th. A chain of events had already been set into motion by the time the video was filmed. To her, the outcome was obvious and inevitable. Nevertheless, the claim in the video wasn’t strictly accurate.


Read the intro to the Vaccine Voices Film Festival here






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