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Climate Activists Aren’t Joking

Saving the planet: the all-purpose, never-ending justification for more taxes, control, and deprivation.


Belgian philosopher Drieu Godefridi has a new book, short enough to be read over two evenings. The French-language edition is titled: L’écologisme, nouveau totalitarisme? which translates roughly as: Is Environmentalism the New Totalitarianism? 

The English-language edition, newly available as a Kindle e-book as well as a paperback, doesn’t beat around the bush. It’s titled The Green Reich: Global Warming to the Green Tyranny.

Godefridi says we have good reason to be alarmed. Not by climate change, but by the endless, hazardous-to-humans measures that activists propose in response.

In order to prevent climate-induced economic harm sometime in the future, these people plan to devastate the economy now. They make no secret of their intent to shut down virtually all human activity, including travel and trade.

This, says Godefridi, makes environmentalism more “ambitious in its desire to subdue” humanity “than any previous doctrine.” Unlike Marxism, he writes,

Environmentalism does not intend to seize the means of production to increase and distribute the fruits in an equal manner. Environmentalism plans to seize the means of production to stop it. [bold added]

Climate activists believe human produced CO2 is endangering the planet. Since everything we do generates CO2 – including breathing – that makes us the enemy. In Godefridi’s words, the Soviet citizen

was tightly policed, oppressed, and materially limited when he was not being deported [to] the Gulag and killed. However, he was never considered…as a problem in himself. [bold added]

Long before the violence started, Germany’s Nazis were plainspoken about who was the enemy. They didn’t hide their intentions. ‘Never again,’ is meaningless, says Godefridi, if we refuse to see what’s happening in front of our noses.

Traditionally, international travel has been considered an economic, intellectual, even moral good. Go learn about other cultures. Don’t be so parochial.

Climate activists are cut from different cloth. Godefridi says it’s time to stop imagining they’re joking. UK activist journalist George Monbiot declares air travel “one of the most destructive activities on Earth.” His idea of a “socially just solution” involves the steady scaling down of the industry.

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Rather than flying from North America back to Europe in an airplane within hours, climate activist Greta Thunberg departed North America on Nov. 12 aboard a boat. Five days ago, she said she hopes to arrive in Portugal “sometime in early December.”

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Ordinary people can’t afford to take a month out of their lives to cross the ocean. But once climate activists are in charge, all other options will be banned.

A headline in the India Times declares Greta “The Role Model Everyone Needs.”

An employee of the David Suzuki Foundation, writing in Canada’s largest newspaper, says Greta is “an inspiration to millions of people for a multitude of reasons.”

The founder of Women Who Sail says Greta “is the great saint of our time.”

In every corner of every local, provincial, national, and international organization, Greta’s worldview is being promoted. Climate activists are working tirelessly, behind the scenes, to make it everyone’s reality.

These people don’t value human accomplishment or technology. They don’t value your time. Nor do they value your freedom. They’re extremists who are prepared to sacrifice everything ‘for the good of the planet.’

We need to read Godefridi’s book. And re-read it. Before it’s too late.


The Green Reich: Global warming to the Green Tyranny
Drieu Godefridi


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