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Climategate: 10 Year Anniversary Reading List

Forget the shallow, conformist media narrative. There’s plenty of sound, perceptive analysis.

A July 2019 BBC report was hilariously titled “‘Climategate’: When sceptics tricked the public” (click)

The scandal known as Climategate began 10 years ago this month, when 1,000+ e-mails written by prominent climate researchers became public. Those e-mails revealed disturbing, behind-the-scenes machinations.

I was a climate newbie at the time, and therefore didn’t say much. But I did compile a list of illuminating perspectives. With a little recent help from, the majority of those links work properly again. You can peruse my 2009 list here.

In 2010 and 2011, I authored a trio of related blog posts:

The Shoddy Climategate Inquiries A new report examines three UK inquiries launched after the Climategate documents surfaced in late 2009. Intended to restore public confidence, those inquiries have done nothing of the sort.

Scientists Speak Out Two scientists explain why Climategate’s ‘hide the decline’ erodes trust in climate science.

Inside the IPCC: the Climategate E-Mails Newly released e-mails shed light on internal Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change politics.

Much solid analysis has been published to commemorate Climategate’s 10th anniversary. Other material, written in the intervening years, is also illuminating. Here, therefore, is my 2019 reading list:


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Hiding the Decline: A history of the Climategate affair
Andrew Montford
Climategate: The Crutape Letters
Steven Mosher and Thomas Fuller


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