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Adieu, Louise

This blog will return Wed., October 2nd. 

Louise Butterfield
1932 – 2019
Born in Scotland
Laid to rest in Canada

A blessing of a mother-in-law


There were the days in which you felt unwell

And the days in the hospital
The loud, delusional woman in the next bed who frightened you
And the delightful woman who’d danced beneath the stars to the same live bands in the same parks as you 60 years ago
As she remembered, your face lit and shone
We glimpsed youthful joy, radiant beauty

There were the days back in your own home
We all knew you’d taken your final car ride, that the trees and sky through your window were your last glimpse of the outdoors
Weakness stealing you
Sleep claiming you
Fading with each sunset
Then departing forever



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