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Fieldwork Fail: Funny Book About Natural Science

A great gift for all ages.


Fieldwork Fail is a wonderful book that began after Jim Jourdane, a French illustrator, started sketching some of the events described by natural scientists who were using the Twitter hashtag #FieldworkFail.

Those observing and documenting the natural world sometimes suffer amusing mishaps, or make hilarious gaffes. Spilling substances on themselves that attract a host of insects. Mistaking a giant reptile’s tail for a log. Forgetting that they’re wearing a 3 meter (10 foot) GPS aerial during a lightning storm.

As Emily Lipstein says over at Gizmodo,

The book contains fieldwork mishaps from the fun and harmless…to the more dangerous, like peeing on a jaguar’s marked tree and getting stalked through the jungle for three weeks. It’s a great starting point for scientists to communicate some of the less-sexy aspects of their work.

Available in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish), this book is highly entertaining to both kids and adults. Click here to see it on Order direct from the publisher here.


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