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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Harvard’s Social Justice Infection

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Tuition at Harvard University currently costs $46,000. After adding in student fees, books, room and board, and other expenses, the grand total is in the neighbourhood of $75,000. Per year. To attend an institution riddled with a disease called social justice.

Harvard’s School of Education, which trains teachers, devotes a section of its website to “Stories about Social Justice.” There we find articles bearing titles such as:

We also find an interview/podcast with the author of Social Justice Art: A Framework for Activist Art Pedagogy. This book “provides art educators with strategies to incorporate activist art projects in their teaching.”

Because politicized art classes are what every politically unsophisticated, hormonally volatile teenager needs. The book, published by the prestigious Harvard Education Press, is based on “interviews and observations” connected to an activist art course involving “sixteen high schoolers.”

Elsewhere on campus, Harvard’s Divinity School publishes its own social justice news. Items in that list bear titles such as:

Over at Harvard Law School, there’s a Law and Social Change Program of Study aimed at students who wish to understand “how law can be harnessed for social change, or who wish to pursue careers as social change agents.” The purpose of this program, we’re told, is to “build a community of students and faculty committed to…using law as a means of achieving social change.”

Nothing says democracy like using the courts to impose change, instead of doing the hard work of persuading the public to vote for it.

On it goes. Harvard’s Kennedy School tells us: “Our scholars work to further global justice through theory, policy, and practice.”

Harvard’s Global Health Institute offers a Health, Human Rights, and Social Justice program.

In another corner of the campus, you can earn a Social Justice Certificate that costs only $11,000 and 18 months of your time. In that context, you’ll hear all about the “core themes of social justice,” while examining economic structures “conducive toward cultivating a just community.”

Which brings us to Harvard Medical School. As a banner on its website makes clear, this entity is now focused on “Achieving Excellence Through Diversity – Advancing Equity Through Social Justice.”

To that end, the medical school sponsors an annual Equity and Social Justice lecture series. One, titled “The Pursuit of Solidarity in the Age of Trump,” appeared on the 2017 schedule. Another, “Organizing for Health: People Power and Change,” was soon followed by a “Writing for Advocacy” training session.

After all, medical students need to learn vital skills such as how to use social media to “share narratives that advance an advocacy agenda.”

A few months ago, a commencement speaker urged Harvard’s class of graduating physicians “to lead the charge for social justice.”

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Anyone who thinks Harvard is a respectable educational institution where students grow into mature, broadminded, nuanced thinkers is years behind the times.

‘Social justice’ is an extremist, left wing political analysis. It is associated with narcissism, emotionalism, sanctimony, intolerance, logical incoherence, and ignorance of the historical record.

Yet it is now firmly entrenched at Harvard, enthusiastically embraced and endorsed at the highest levels.

It’s as though academics have no idea that millions of ordinary people consider social justice ideology repellent and infantile. It’s as though they have no clue the rest of us think they’ve gone insane.


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