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The Earthquake About to Hit Sweden

SPOTLIGHT: A national election will be held in Sweden on September 9th.

BIG PICTURE: Eighteen days from now, Sweden will elect a new government. I’ve written previously about the overwhelming number of refugees/asylum seekers that have besieged Europe in recent years. I’ve explained that this wave of humanity was so large immigration authorities were overwhelmed. It simply wasn’t possible to conduct thorough background checks.

According to 2015 figures, two-thirds of refugee claimants were males under the age of 35 – the demographic universally associated with the highest rate of crime. Additionally, I’ve mentioned that:

2015 data tells us that half (54%) of all asylum seekers arrived from three troubled countries: Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Gender equality. Religious liberty. Tolerance toward Jews and homosexuals. None of those are the norm in these countries.

Twenty-five years ago a majority of Swedish voters had already soured on immigration. But journalists who dared say so out loud lost their job.

The elites – politicians, celebrities, bureaucrats, media companies – have instead continued to welcome newcomers with open arms. This extensive report explains that “Sweden alone accepted more asylum seekers than France and the UK combined” in 2015. While Sweden’s population is 10 million, France and the UK have 133 million between them.

Another document explains that “the highest per capita ratio [of asylum seekers] ever registered in the OECD at 1.6% of total population” occurred in Sweden in 2015.

In other words, Sweden’s ruling class deliberately chose, year after year and decade after decade, to ignore public sentiment.

TOP TAKEAWAY: Sooner or later, chickens do come home to roost.


The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam
Douglas Murray


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