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I’m Invited

I’ll be making a written submission to a UK parliamentary committee examining the latest IPCC report.


The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee of the UK House of Commons is conducting an inquiry into the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

I have been officially invited to make a submission to that committee. In the words of the gentleman who contacted me: “The Committee specifically expressed a desire to hear from you.”

As a journalist, I usually remain at a distance. (I did not, for example, make a submission to the InterAcademy Council investigation into the IPCC.) I consider it my job to report on these events, not to participate in them.

After some reflection, however, I have accepted this invitation. It will be difficult to condense two books worth of material about the IPCC into 3,000 words (the maximum permitted), but I look forward to sharing some of my findings with this committee.


UPDATE 15 November 2013. An earlier version of this post was perhaps less-than-precise. I’ve been invited to make a written submission to the committee. Afterward, I may be invited to make one in person. Apologies for the confusion. I’ve inserted the word ‘written’ in the summary statement at the top.



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