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Ad Featuring Roger Pulwarty Withdrawn

York University is no longer running an ad that mistakenly implied that one of its graduates is a Nobel Peace Prize winner.


Recently, I highlighted an ad campaign at York University. It featured a photograph of Roger Pulwarty and a slogan that declared: “From a prized education at York University to a Nobel Peace Prize.” To any casual observer, the implication was that Pulwarty has been awarded a Peace Prize.

Joanne Rider, York U’s Chief Spokesman, has since informed me that this ad “is no longer running” – and that related material describing Pulwarty as a Nobel laureate has been changed.

A page on the university’s website used to include an image of the ad featuring Pulwarty (see here). That image has been removed. Rather than being called a “Nobel laureate” there, Pulwarty is now described more modestly as a “scientist.”

Rider also says the next issue of York U magazine will correct 2008 claims that Pulwarty is “York’s first alumnus to become a Nobel laureate.”



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