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Rajendra Pachauri, Fake Nobel Laureate (Part 2)

Why has Yale University promulgated the fiction that the chairman of the IPCC is a Nobel laureate?


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Yale University is an ivy league institution with a grand history and a stellar reputation. Yet, for years, it has been closely aligned with fake Nobel laureate Rajendra Pachauri.

The acknowledgments at the beginning of Pachauri’s embarrassing-beyond-belief novel, Return to Almora, link his “foray into the world of fiction” to

the year 2000 when I spent a semester at Yale as McCluskey Fellow teaching a course on sustainable development.

In 2008, Yale awarded Pachauri an honourary doctorate. According to its website, he’s currently the Director of the Yale Climate and Energy Institute.

The fact that this emperor has no clothes isn’t, therefore, a message those connected to Yale are keen to deliver. Instead, one of its best-known publications has done the exact opposite. It has actively promulgated the myth that Pachauri is, himself, the recipient of a Nobel Prize.

In 2008, Environment 360 ran an interview with the IPCC chairman titled A Conversation with Nobel Prize Winner Rajendra Pachauri. Please note the extent of the exaggeration going on here. The word “Peace” is not part of this headline. This encourages the unsuspecting reader to imagine that Pachauri was honoured with one of those rare, incredibly prestigious science Nobels – to believe that he’s a brilliant scientific mind.

But the bigger problem is that Pachauri has absolutely no personal claim on the 2007 Peace Prize. The organization he happens to lead was awarded half of it. He attended a ceremony and delivered a speech. That’s it, that’s all.

When publications at prestigious universities choose to mislead the public about basic facts, something has gone terribly wrong with higher education.


My latest book, Into the Dustbin, steps back and examines what happened after half of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the IPCC. This event spawned an entirely new category of climate misinformation.

On another occasion, I‘ve criticized the people who conducted the above interview for their sycophantic treatment of Pachauri. Hero worship is not journalism.


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