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Rajendra Pachauri, Fake Nobel Laureate (Part 5)

Rather than speaking truth to power, activists have been parroting claims by the establishment that the IPCC chairman is a Nobel Prize winner.


click to see this on the WWF’s website (the right hand side of the page, halfway down)

Activists are supposed to speak truth to power. They’re supposed to challenge those in authority. They’re supposed to keep the ruling establishment – financial, political, media, and social – honest.

But climate activists often do the exact opposite. Rather than challenging dubious claims, they reinforce them.

Parts 1 through 4 of this series demonstrate that some eye-poppingly prominent entities have been conning the rest of us. They’ve been telling us that the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a Nobel laureate when, in fact, he is not.

The New York Academy of Sciences. Yale University. The Prime Minister of Norway. UN bodies such as the World Bank and UNICEF.

These people expect us to trust their judgment. They want us to believe their climate change warnings and to take drastic measures in response. Yet they seem incapable of sticking to the unadorned truth about even simple matters.

The organization chaired by Rajendra Pachauri was awarded half of the 2007 Peace Prize. The organization received half of the substantial amount of money that accompanies a Nobel. The organization then spent that money on scholarships.

None of those events had any bearing on Pachauri’s personal standing. The day before the Nobel ceremony he went to bed a non-Nobel-laureate. The day after the ceremony, he awoke a non-Nobel-laureate.

But when the planet needs saving, apparently, anything goes. Almost everyone thinks it’s OK to play fast and loose with the truth. Which means that, in league with the science academy, the ivy league university, the Prime Minister, and multiple UN organizations, activist groups have also been misleading the public.

On its website, lists that organization’s Global Advisory Committee. Scan down the alphabet past the letter ‘O’ and who do we find? Pachauri – being described as a “Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.” (Yes, the head of what is supposed to be a scrupulously scientific body has formal links to the activist Earth Day network.)

Greenpeace has told the world that Pachauri is a “Nobel Peace Prize winner” in a press release. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – the largest, wealthiest activist lobby group on the planet – has also been promoting this fiction.

It calls Pachauri a “Nobel laureate” on its website – see the screen capture that appears above. Similarly,, the group founded by former American journalist Bill McKibben, says Pachauri is a “Nobel prize winner.”

It’s important to notice the second layer of inaccuracy in these last two instances. First, Pachauri isn’t a nobelist. Second, the organization he leads won a Peace Prize. Blithely calling him a “Nobel laureate” and “Nobel prize winner” encourages the unsuspecting to believe that he’s one of those rare scientific geniuses.

Neglecting to include the word “peace” inflates, exaggerates, and enhances Pachauri’s stature tremendously. If the WWF and were intent on shutting down critical thought, if they were deliberately trying to bamboozle the public, they couldn’t have picked a better way to do it.

And then there’s the news service called The About page on its website makes a big deal of telling us how independent it is. We’re told that the quality of its reporting is superior to traditional news sources since, in America, “just six corporations” now dominate the media landscape and these corporations are beholden to shareholders.

One would think, therefore, that since traditional media sources from the BBC to the Times of India to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have utterly failed the is-Pachauri-a-Nobel-laureate test, DemocracyNow has done a better job. Well, think again.


click to go to the website

When it interviewed Pachauri in 2011, he himself talked about “the privilege of receiving, on behalf of the IPCC, the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007″ (italics added). But that didn’t prevent DemocracyNow from telling us, in its sidebar description of their guest, that

He was honored in 2007 with the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Al Gore.

Earth to DemocracyNow: independent news sources that parrot the falsehoods of mainstream media outlets aren’t making the world a better place.




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