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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Trudeau Denies Truckers Fair Hearing: News Report from India

Indian news channel says public support for truckers is overwhelming, but Canada’s Prime Minister has responded with scorn and disrespect.

Canadian media outlets are relentlessly smearing the trucker protest. Make no mistake. Journalists are doing everything in their power to discredit an actual, grassroots, working class revolt.

(Yes, a truthful line or two may be found even in the most hostile news stories published in recent days. But overall, Canada’s media is covering for the government, from which it receives significant financial aid. To their everlasting shame, journalists have aligned themselves with powerful politicians rather than with ordinary citizens.)

So what do journalists beyond Canada see? Understandably, their grasp of the situation is far from perfect. The 5-minute video above, which aired on India’s World Is One News last night, doesn’t get everything right. But its assessment of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is squarely on target.

The presenter tells us that, “thanks to the Prime Minister’s scornful dismissal” of the trucker’s demands, the protest has “snowballed into a resistance against his leadership and his politics.” With “an indefinite blockade of Ottawa” now in progress, she says Trudeau is “currently in isolation due to an alleged COVID infection.”

In her words, Canada’s Prime Minister

has shoved these protesters to the margins. He has declared them a ‘fringe’ and their views ‘unacceptable.’ On Tuesday, he further tried to derogate their motives through a series of scornful posts on Twitter…Justin Trudeau’s refusal to give them a fair hearing could prove to be very detrimental.

Rather than listening to hard working, long-suffering Canadians, Trudeau is talking down to us. His response is scorn. Derision. Denunciation.

This man’s disrespect for ordinary people is so blatant it can be seen from thousands of miles away.







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