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Melbourne Filmmaker Battles Big Tech Censorship

Watch this trailer for Topher Field’s latest documentary, then tell others about it.

UPDATE 13Jan2022: Since this blog post went live yesterday, YouTube has attempted to discourage people from watching the trailer, which I can attest contains no content that warrants any age restrictions. Yesterday, the video above was available on this page, and readers could simply click and watch. Today, you’re required to sign in to YouTube in order to do so. The full-lenght film (1 hr, 41 minutes) is now on YouTube, but may be subject to similar restrictions at any moment:


An important film is about to be released in Australia. Battleground Melbourne is directed by the brave and indomitable Topher Field. The official description explains:

The last 18 months has seen Melbourne, Australia, fall from ‘Most Liveable’ to ‘Most Locked-down’ city in the world. It’s an astonishing fall which has brought with it previously unthinkable levels of civil unrest and government repression and sparked protests around Australia and throughout the world as scenes reminiscent of the USSR or CCP have gone viral.

The fact that these scenes are playing out on the streets of a city in a wealthy and ‘free’ country makes this an ominous warning for all. If it can happen here, it could happen anywhere.

Battleground Melbourne tells this story from the perspective of the activists and journalists who tried to save the city of Melbourne.

This is our story.

The Government and the media have already told their twisted and dishonest side of the story, Battleground Melbourne is our reply. This is how we set the record straight and ensure the world will forever know the truth.

We have been smeared with false accusations, called every name you can imagine, assaulted, arrested, imprisoned. But even after all this, they haven’t defeated us. Our love for freedom, and our love for our once wonderful city, compels us to battle on.

Battleground Melbourne is a story of men and women who love freedom. It’s a story of courage in the face of fear, of triumphs and failures, and ordinary people giving everything to change the course of history for the city they love. [all bolding in original]

The full-length documentary film will premiere at 7:30 pm this Thursday (tomorrow) Melbourne time. To be part of that premiere, click this ‘save my seat’ button

and join the email list.

Topher says the trailer is itself being shadow-banned by Big Tech. This means that obscenely wealthy multinational corporations based in California are conniving behind the scenes to prevent people everywhere from hearing about it.


Additional info:

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