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Vaccine Absurdity: Double Jabbed a Threat to the Triple Jabbed

Twice-vaccinated individuals told not to spend time with triple-vaccinated elders during Christmas. Unless everyone’s outdoors. In the Canadian winter.

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Here in Canada’s largest province, you may have tried your level best to follow COVID-related public health advice. But your cooperation didn’t buy you a thing.

Three days ago, Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, told the double vaccinated they’re a mortal threat. “If you are going to interact” with “anyone older,” he said, after being asked about visiting grandparents during the holidays, “I’d do it outdoors” – in Canadian winter weather, no less. But only if you mask up and keep your distance.

Here it is on video, recorded for posterity (if the video fails to load below, click here)


So why have we spent the past year vaccinating millions of people?

After all of that expense, after all of that effort, life isn’t back to normal. Not even close.


Moore is telling Canadians to sacrifice yet another Christmas. He’s telling us to withhold hugs and human connection from our shell-shocked elders.

Yep, that’s how you build healthy families.




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