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New COVID Strategy Desperately Needed

More Americans have died of COVID this year than last. The vaccines don’t stop this disease from spreading. It’s time to focus on early treatment.

Exactly a year ago today, ICU doctor Pierre Kory testified before a committee of the US Senate. After spending long hours, month after month, struggling to save the desperately ill, this man stepped forward with a message of hope.

“We have a solution to this crisis,” he declared. “Early treatment is key.” Doctors need to prescribe medication early, before people get sick enough to require hospitalization. “Any further deaths are going to be needless deaths,” he declared. “I cannot keep caring for patients when I know that they could have been saved with earlier treatment.”

The medication with the power to change everything, Kory insisted, was a generic, 2015 Nobel-winning drug known for treating parasites. In recent months, it had also demonstrated impressive anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties against COVID. “Ivermectin must be implemented, and implemented now,” said Kory.

At that point in time 290,000 Americans had officially perished from COVID. Families had been traumatized. Hearts had been broken.

Astonishingly, obscenely, the powers that be responded to Kory’s impassioned testimony by turning away their faces. Democratic Party senators who sit on that Senate committee left the room rather than spend 10 minutes listening to this ICU doctor.

The news media similarly pretended his testimony never happened. His message of hope, as Christmas approached, in a year that had scarred millions, received a near total news blackout.

Instead, politicians and media companies (both of whom regularly cash Big Pharma cheques) continued to place their faith in the medical bureaucrats who’d already mishandled matters. They continued to listen to Anthony Fauci, who has never treated a single COVID patient, rather than to ICU doctors such as Kory.

Today, one year later, the US death toll from COVID stands at 812,000. 522,000 additional people have died since the above video was recorded.

US deaths in all of 2020: 353k

US deaths so far in 2021: 459k

These numbers are terrible. They are in spite of a year-long vaccination campaign. The conclusion could not be more obvious. COVID vaccines have failed. They do not do the one thing we need them to do: stop the disease from spreading.

We must change course. Please watch this video. Please tell others about it. When journalists refuse to do their job, the public must itself spread the word.

For pity’s sake, let us not spend another year spinning our wheels, continuing to pursue policies that don’t work.



Dr. Kory is part of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. Visit their website here. Kory’s written submission to the Senate last December is here. Read a magazine article about these matters here.

The ridiculous, no-early-treatment regime continues to dominate other health care systems. Despite their generous taxpayer-funded salaries, public health officials in numerous nations seem more interested in playing follow-the-(US)-leader, than in thinking for themselves. People are dying as a result.

Here in Canada, 15,598 deaths were attributed to COVID in 2020. This year’s toll, with three weeks still to go on the calendar, is 14,229.

In Australia, 909 deaths were attributed to COVID in 2020. This year’s toll, so far, is 1,156.

In the UK, 73,512 deaths were attributed to COVID in 2020. This year’s toll, so far, is 72,314.

Success doesn’t look like this.


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