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News Story Relies Solely on Pharma Funded Doctor

When a doctor has financial relationships with 4 vaccine manufacturers, every word he utters about vaccines is suspect.

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Last week, I wrote about Canadian pediatrician James Kellner. I explained that his online CV tells us he has accepted more than $3 million in funding from pharmaceutical giants that manufacture vaccines.

But that CV is dated April 2021. The fine print accompanying a September article Kellner co-wrote for the Canadian Medical Association Journal admits he’s now taking money from a fourth pharma company – Moderna.

Journalist Cosmin Dzsurdzsa has pointed out that media outlets have spent months quoting Kellner as though he’s a neutral, disinterested party rather than someone with massive conflicts-of-interest.

When a doctor has financial relationships with not one, not two, not three, but four vaccine manufacturers every word he utters about vaccines is suspect. This is not rocket science.

Yet here’s a CTV news story from five weeks ago that’s essentially one long advertisement for injecting  young children with current COVID-19 vaccines. Titled Vaccination in 5 to 11 year olds important not just for today, but years to come: Pediatrician, it’s based on the opinions of only one person – Kellner.

The article advises the public: “While children are at a much lower per capita risk for serious outcomes, a Calgary paediatrician says that’s not the whole story” (bold added).

Kellner then presents vague, scary-sounding arguments but no hard data. He says “there have been kids who have had severe outcomes (and) ended up in hospital or intensive care units.” He declares: “there have been children who have ended up with this condition that comes after COVID MIS-C – multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.”

But numbers and context matter. Have such things happened to thousands of Canadian kids, to a handful, or only to kids in other countries? Were the children involved otherwise healthy, or did they have serious medical issues that made them especially susceptible? What percentage of healthy kids are at risk of ending up in ICU from COVID? Versus what percentage from the flu? None of these questions are addressed.

Instead, the news story declares: “He cautioned that while kids may not be as efficient of spreaders as adults, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of significant spread altogether,” before quoting Kellner again:

Children who are attending school and involved in the community have many more opportunities to transmit,” Kellner said. “So even if each time they might be at risk of transmitting the virus is a lower risk, the number of events that, and the number of opportunities to transmit is much higher in children. [bold added]

You see what’s going on, here? The article admits kids are at lower risk of getting seriously ill from COVID. It admits they transmit the virus less readily. These are important facts. Facts which many parents don’t know, and which should reassure everyone.

But rather than helping the public keep matters in proper perspective, Kellner – a medical professional – brushes them aside. It’s as though he’s trying to ramp up fear and anxiety.

The news story continues:

“If a higher percentage of children attending school can be vaccinated, that’s going to be an important part of helping make things safer going forward, and helping us get back to normal,” said Dr. Kellner…He said achieving good vaccination rates in children now will not only protect in the short term, but could help in the long term.

“The expectation (is) that some protection will linger from vaccines that could last for years, and that we’re likely looking at wanting to protect people from COVID-19 for years.” [bold added]

Please note that word: expectation. If these vaccines were effective long term, would governments already be administering third jabs to the adult population? When’s the last time you got three flu shots in a single year?

Moreover, as a recent guest post on this blog has explained, we have no idea whether young children, whose entire lives lie before them, will experience lasting harm from these entirely new, decidedly rushed vaccines. Data that might rule this out simply doesn’t exist yet.

Yet here we see a pediatrician happy to roll the dice. James D. Kellner is prepared to gamble with the health of innocent children based what he expects will happen.

Might $3 million from Big Pharma influence a person’s expectations?



We all seem to have forgotten that Big Pharma = some of the world’s wealthiest corporations = legions of hired guns (aka lobbyists). We’ve forgotten that Big Pharma has paid some of the world’s largest fines, due to a long history of bad behaviour. A graphic published back in 2014 lists $13 billion worth of such fines.


see my previous commentary: Awash in Big Pharma Funding, Expert Urges COVID Vaccines for Kids




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