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Climate Activism’s Ugly Reality

You don’t improve the world via witch hunts, blacklists, and cruelty.

Roger Pielke Jr.’s small, windowless campus office has been rendered unusable. This past summer, his desk was turned onto its side so that filing cabinets and boxes that don’t belong to him could be delivered there rather than to a proper storage facility. One of the reasons professors have offices is to meet with students.

My recent report, The Hounding of Roger Pielke Jr., demonstrates that you can be 90% in tune with the climate movement, and yet still be persecuted by it. Viciously. Venomously. Relentlessly.

Pielke, a natural disasters expert, thinks human-generated carbon-dioxide is a problem. His 2010 book, The Climate Fix, argues in favour of a carbon tax. Rather than being a climate skeptic, he wants what most climate activists want: decarbonization of the global economy.

What Pielke has endured for more than a decade exposes the ugly reality of climate activism. This is a profoundly intolerant, drearily dogmatic movement. 90% agreement isn’t sufficient. Anything short of 100% and you’re considered an enemy – someone to be targeted and destroyed.

Climate activists think they occupy the moral high ground. They imagine themselves marching toward a more equitable, sustainable world. But you don’t achieve a bright future by demonizing people for small differences of opinion. You don’t improve the world via witch hunts, blacklists, and cruelty.

Please note that the environmental studies department at the University of Colorado Boulder, where Pielke is employed, is failing miserably at basic common decency. Nevertheless, it considers itself oh-so-virtuous.

Take a look at its main web page. For the past 17 months, that page has been dominated by an enormous statement in support of Black Lives Matter. Never mind that the connection to environmental studies is tenuous. Never mind that the trial concerning the death of George Floyd ended seven months ago. Never mind that two new academic years have launched since that statement was first posted.

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How’s that for grotesque? A university department practicing organized, despicable cruelty is piously condemning institutional malfeasance “in the strongest possible terms.”




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