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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Ethical Moorings, Where Art Thou?

I’m now afraid of hospitals. I no longer assume medically trained individuals will behave ethically. This loss of trust will never be repaired.

We’re spinning out of control. Dislodged from our ethical moorings, we’re collectively taking steps I’d have dismissed as wholly implausible a mere two years ago. But here we are.

Vaccines for a new disease normally spend 10 to 12 years in development. After all of that time and money, 98% of those vaccines fail. Small scale testing indicates they’re too dangerous – that the risk/benefit ratio is unacceptable. The vaccine train then comes to a screeching halt. Because injecting large numbers of people with dangerous substances is morally wrong. There was a time when everyone understood this.

Today, more than a dozen wholly new COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by governments around the world. In record time these substances have been rushed through development, rushed through testing, and are now being administered to billions of people.

It would be one thing if taking these vaccines was entirely voluntary. But the opposite is the case. Tossing everything we’ve previously claimed to believe about informed consent and free-from-coersion-or-inducement-decision-making out the window, we’re forcing people to take them.

When you’re threatened with the loss of your livelihood, indeed your entire career, you have been forced. When you’re denied a kidney transplant otherwise, you have been forced. When it’s the price you must pay to carry boxes of belongings into a retirement home for the benefit of an aging relative, you have been forced.

Any politician who thinks it’s OK to force people to submit to any kind of medical procedure is a tyrant. Such people deserve to be ejected from office asap. They are dangerous, because tomorrow they’ll be forcing us to do something else.

Any public health official or medically trained individual who thinks it’s OK to compel people to submit to any medical procedure has left first do no harm so far behind, their judgment concerning every other medical matter is forever suspect.

I put myself through university working part-time clerical jobs in Toronto hospitals. I can’t believe that, decades later, I’m now afraid of hospitals. If I or any of my unvaxxed loved ones were to require urgent medical attention, a visit to an emergency department right now would be a highly stressful affair.

Will the patient be left to rot in the waiting room for hours while others receive priority attention based solely on vaccination status? Will someone try to bully us into taking the jab while we’re there? Will someone give it to the patient without their consent, while they’re asleep or unconscious? Will non-vaxxed individuals be forbidden to stay with the patient in the emergency department, or to visit them if hospital admission is required?

I cannot believe I now spend time thinking about such matters. I can’t believe people are seriously discussing mandating the current generation of COVID-19 vaccines for five-year-olds.

But here we are. This tyrannical, coercive vaccine train just keeps on rolling.



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