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ICU Doctors Censored By Big Tech

When the grandkids ask Big Tech titans what role they played during the 2020 pandemic, the real answer will be: They silenced debate. They prevented doctors from being heard.

The above features clips from several videos produced by the Front Line Critical Care Alliance that have been deleted by YouTube.

There are people who’ve toiled in ICUs over the past year, battling COVID-19 as patients died and families shattered. And there are people who’ve never set foot in an ICU.

When officials belonging to the second category stand in the way of ICU doctors – when they undermine efforts by these physicians to save lives – that’s when we know we’re in big trouble.

The same public health geniuses who sat on their hands while this virus spread to every nation on the planet in a matter of 13 weeks are failing us once again. They say vaccines are the answer. But even if that’s true, collectively we don’t have that kind of time.

It will take years to vaccinate all 8 billion people in this world. In the interim, there are compelling reasons to believe COVID can be stopped in its tracks by Ivermectin – a safe, inexpensive, decades-old generic medicine. Vaccines must be stored at specific temperatures. They require medical equipment and trained personnel to administer. Ivermectin tablets, on the other hand, can be distributed easily and quickly.

788 Argentine health care workers took Ivermectin, vs 407 who didn’t. 60 days later, zero in the first group tested positive vs 58% in the second. Click image for full research paper.

But the same health officials who, early last year, failed to take this virus seriously lest anyone be racially stigmatized still haven’t learned to think straight (see here, here, and page 12 here). They’re currently vaccinating children in wealthy countries – who are at statistically minuscule risk from COVID – instead of rushing vaccines to at-risk adults elsewhere in the world.

In equally appalling fashion, authorities in many countries are actively working to limit the use of Ivermectin. Ignoring persuasive medical evidence (see here, here, here, and here), they’ve banned Ivermectin imports, raided hospitals, laid charges, and threatened doctors (see here, here, here, here, herehere and here).

What role has Big Tech played in this important and historic battle? It has sided with the bureaucrats. According to Big Tech, wisdom comes only from the same health organizations and the same officials who’ve mishandled things from the beginning.

YouTube is owned by Google. It’s medical misinformation policy forbids the posting of videos that describe Ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID. YouTube’s policy also forbids anyone from saying Ivermectin prevents COVID, since doing so contradicts “local health authorities and [the World Health Organization].”

Big Tech isn’t championing the underdog. It isn’t helping doctors save lives right now. It isn’t amplifying the voices of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and other physicians who are risking their skins in order to halt this pandemic as quickly as possible.

Rather, Big Tech is pulling the plug on their microphones. It’s deleting their YouTube videos. It’s shutting down their Facebook groups. It’s locking doctors out of their Twitter accounts.

In the middle of a bleeping pandemic, the immense power of Big Tech is obliterating the voices of people who know, from firsthand experience, that Ivermectin save lives.

Yeah, that’s heroism for you. A pandemic role to be proud of. Someday, when the grandkids ask what you did during the dreadful 2020 pandemic, you’ll be able to tell them you silenced debate. That you went to absurd lengths to prevent ICU doctors from being heard.

YouTube’s lengthy Medical Misinformation Policy bans discussion of Ivermectin. It bans discussion of “prevention methods that contradict local health authorities or WHO.” Click image to read the full policy.






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