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Facebook Fact Checks Are Rubbish: Reading List

The world’s largest censorship machine relies on partisan fact checkers. The results are absurd.

Social media networks by number of users. Click to enlarge; source here

People are being ferociously censored. Not by governments, but by corporations.

Individuals are being deleted. Ejected from the public square. Deprived of the right to communicate with like minded folk. By corporate entities.

Mark Zuckerberg is 37 years old. He runs Facebook, which also owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and FB Messenger. In other words: this single individual controls four of the world’s five largest social media platforms.

It’s great to be young, rich, and successful. But it’s another matter altogether to be in the One Anointed Truth business.

Facebook uses third-party fact checkers to decide whether certain posts are accurate or inaccurate. Whenever one is deemed false, the person posting it may be banned – temporarily or permanently. Facebook will label the post ‘misinformation.’ It will prevent others from seeing and sharing it.

But the fact checking process is a joke. It’s a biased feedback loop, in which partisans declare their own worldview to be true, and all others to be garbage.

Facebook is now the world’s largest censorship machine. Billions of people are being systematically prevented from hearing about non-conformist perspectives – because a Silicon Valley corporation is censoring those perspectives.

Please take the time to inform yourself about this tsunami of censorship now bearing down upon us. Corporate censorship. The first link below discusses a recent climate change book written by Steven Koonin, whom the Wall Street Journal describes as the “former top scientist at the Obama Energy Department.” The Journal recently published a review of that book.

The book review is now being censored on Facebook. Why? Because third-party fact checkers, on whom Facebook has chosen to rely, analyzed the book review and “estimate its overall credibility to be very low.”

This is a brand new form of book banning.  In the words of the Journal‘s editorial board, “If reviewers can’t engage thoughtful if provocative books even by leading scientists without their pieces being throttled on social media, then those books won’t sell.”


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