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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

China: Land of the Anal Swab

Travelers to China are now subject to anal penetration by the authorities.

Last week the London Times reported that “almost all” individuals arriving in China from other countries are now subject to a COVID-19 test that involves a swab being inserted into their rectum. We’re talking babies. Teenagers. Old people. Women and men.

Minus an extraordinarily compelling medical rationale, this is sexual abuse. This is a human right’s violation, an assault on a person’s dignity and bodily integrity.

A spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry says such tests are “science-based.” What science would that be? The research published last August which claimed anal swabs “might be” the optimal way to “evaluate the hospital discharge of COVID-19 patients”?

That research studied a grand total of four people. In two instances, tests involving three kinds of swabs came back negative. In two other instances, throat and sputum tests were negative, but anal swab tests came back positive.

In one section of the paper, the researchers say the positive tests involved “a few” patients. Later, they inflate their meager findings, claiming “several” patients had positive anal swabs.

This is what passes for scientific research. Conclusions are drawn based on a sample of four people. A journal that claims to practice “rigorous peer review,” permits researchers to call two people several.


Let us now conduct a thought experiment. How would the international media have reacted had Donald Trump mandated that everyone entering America be tested for COVID-19 via anal penetration? Including the thousands of illegal immigrants regularly arrested at the Mexican border.

How would governments around the world have reacted had Trump insisted this test was science-based, that it was necessary to ensure the health and safety of the American public?

How many weeks would the scandal have dominated the news cycle, chasing virtually every other story off the front page?

How many organizations would have denounced these tests as unethical, unconscionable, and uncivilized?

How many Twitter accounts would have accused Trump of raping men, women, and children?


Everyone – including thousands of 2022 Winter Olympic athletes and coaches – have now been warned. Anal penetration is now practiced by the Chinese security apparatus. It is sanctioned by the highest authorities.

At any moment, a Chinese official has the power to humiliate and degrade you. To anally penetrate you. This year, the rationale is COVID. Next year, the rationale may change, but the practice will remain.

The Chinese government violates the human rights of its own citizens on a routine basis. The human rights of visitors are of equally little consequence.



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