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Record-Breaking COVID Deaths

April 17th was the worst day for reported COVID deaths globally. Until the past two weeks. We’ve now blown past that record seven times.

For more than six months, April 17th represented a grim record. Governments around the world had reported 8,534 COVID-19 fatalities that day. Then November arrived. During the past two weeks, we’ve blown past that tally seven times:

Nov 4:  9,161 deaths
Nov 5:  8,855
Nov 6:  9,247

Nov 10:  9,333
Nov 11:  10,161
Nov 12:  9,655
Nov 13:  9,970

From a global perspective things are looking worse – rather than better – right now.

One reason is that a second wave has, indeed, arrived in Europe. From mid-June until the end of September, COVID-19 appeared to be under control in Belgium. For 14 blessed weeks, daily deaths dropped to single digits (based on a 7-day moving average). But in early October, they began climbing. By Halloween, 100 people were dying each day in that country of 11.6 million. Now it’s 200. Their graph looks like this:

In France, which has a population 5.5 times the size of Belgium, average daily COVID deaths were 32 in mid-June. Now, France is losing 540 people a day. Last Friday alone, it recorded 932 deaths. Here’s the graph (please note the different scale along the left-hand axis, compared to Belgium):

It’s a similar story in Italy, where they’re once again losing 550 people a day:

In the UK, 410 people are again perishing each day:

In Spain, it’s 230 people a day:

From July though September daily deaths in Germany were in the single digits. But Germany, too, is now losing 170 people a day:

Between them, those six countries account for 2,100 daily deaths.


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  • In many former East Bloc countries, the pattern of COVID deaths is decidedly different than that of the European nations discussed above. More on that later.
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