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Where Are COVID Deaths Rising?

Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico have experienced dramatic increases in recent weeks. So have New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

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Nick Cordero was born an hour’s drive from where I reside, here in Canada. He attended Ryerson University in downtown Toronto (I did so briefly, as well). He earned a living by performing in Broadway musicals, movies, and television shows.

Before contracting the coronavirus in March, Cordero was healthy, with no known underlying medical issues. Nevertheless, he spent three months in a Los Angeles hospital, hooked up to numerous ICU machines, in a coma for much of that time. In April, his right leg was amputated due to blood clots.

Cordero has now died as a result of COVID-19. He was 41. His one-year-old son will never know him.


Five weeks ago, out of every 1 million Americans, 327 had died from COVID-19. Compared to harder-hit European countries, that was a modest number. Yet six US states, as well as the District of Columbia, had already exceeded Italy’s deaths-per-million rate. I published this chart at that time (click to enlarge):

How do things look 35 days later? America’s overall deaths-per-million rate has increased by 78. It’s now 405.

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Numbers have risen in Europe as well, but less aggressively – except in Sweden and the UK:

Belgium went from 820 to 843 (+23)

Italy: from 555 to 577 (+22)

France: from 443 to 459 (+16)

Spain: from 580 to 607 (+27)

Sweden: from 443 to 539 (+96)

UK: from 580 to 654 (+74)

Back in America, the most dramatic increase took place in New Jersey. In a span of five weeks, it went from 1,327 deaths-per-million to 1,728. That’s +401.

The chart below doesn’t show deaths-per-million – just the increase in deaths-per-million:

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Canada is at +35 (it went from 195 to 231).

Chile increased fivefold, from 62 to 337. It’s +275.

Mexico tripled. It’s +165 (from 83 to 248).

Peru doubled. It’s +187 (from 145 to 332).

Brazil also doubled. It’s now+168 (from 147 to 315).

In the following 12 US states, plus the District of Columbia, the deaths-per-million rate has risen faster in recent weeks than the US national rate of +78: New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Illinois, Arizona, Mississippi, New York, Maryland, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.




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  • today’s international numbers from here
  • June’s international numbers from here
  • today’s US state-by-state numbers from here
  • June’s US state-by-state numbers from here
  • Until the coronavirus recedes, these numbers will continue to change. The above charts are therefore snapshots in an ever-evolving landscape.
  • my previous commentary, Staggering Death Rate in 7 US States



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