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Joy to the World!

May this new decade be less fearful, less negative, less hysterical.

An upright piano has recently become part of my world. Some years from now, when a friend’s daughter has sufficient space, she and her piano will be reunited.

Until then, I plan to enjoy this gift from the universe. The piano tuner gentleman tells me this 100-year-old beauty is a gem. Already it has transformed my mood.

I write. I take photographs. I garden. But I’ve never played an instrument before. Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know the first thing about reading music. Having now received two lessons from an enthusiastic and experienced teacher, I’m dazzled by the possibilities, by all the territory I might explore.

Beloved songs from childhood. Christmas carols. It’s amazing how much joy I feel when a tune I’m playing begins to sound the way it should.

Wishing each of you, dear readers, a blessed yuletide.

May the 2020s, this new decade upon which we are embarking, be less fearful, less negative, less hysterical.

Here’s to the songs in our hearts!





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