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Humour, Irony & Free Thought

Your mind is your own.

-1 for poor grammar. It should be ‘you’re’ of course. But I’m 100% behind the sentiment. I don’t want to hear about the climate when I’m dining, shopping, or am listening to live music.

Behind the Iron Curtain, jokes were a form of resistance. Television stations and newspapers were run by the government (aka the Communist Party). Many things could therefore not be said aloud or committed to print.

But that didn’t stop people from thinking them. Humans are a creative and ingenious species. We enjoy irony and love sharing a joke. I’ve recently run across these on social media. Hope some of them make you smile.





Australian cartoonist Johannes Leak drew this one (click image to order a print):


American cartoonist A.F. Branco drew this one (click image for source):




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