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Greta Memes & Messages

The larger community responds to the Greta Thunberg circus.

Historic speech. You are wonderful, a visionary, a God.

It may feel unwholesome to spend too much time challenging the assertions of a 16-year-old. But Greta Thunberg isn’t a private citizen, who was minding her own business before being involuntarily thrust into the media spotlight (as was the case with this admirable 16-year-old).

The Thunberg family has worked hard to attract media attention. Some of the most famous people in the world – Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Pope – have assisted. The United Nations has set this child on a pedestal. She’s considered a serious candidate for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Ordinary people have been watching this circus. It should come as no surprise that they’ve arrived at their own conclusions, and are expressing their own opinions.

Two days ago, I published a reading list of more than 30 responses to the Greta circus, most of them profoundly negative. People have been thinking and talking. They’ve also been making and sharing memes.

Some commentary ridicules the reception Thunberg has received from supine journalists and foolish politicians. Others mock her message directly.

Among the dominant themes circulating out there is this one:




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