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The Climate Curse: Reprogramming Our Moral Compass

The Aztecs practiced human sacrifice. So do we.

There’s something about climate change that turns our brains to mush. Jaded journalists take dramatic claims at face value. They forgo rudimentary fact-checking.

Captains of industry are no better. Although clear-eyed during 80% of their waking lives, the UN has only to invite them to join its Caring for Climate initiative and they start imagining themselves as planet-saving superheroes.

As I’ve recently observed, even medical professionals have succumbed. Not a single soul has died from climate change in the US, nevertheless prominent medical organizations consider it a ‘health emergency.’

The climate curse doesn’t just impair our IQ. It reprograms our moral compass. It persuades us that seagulls harmed by accidental oil spills are an outrage, but eagles routinely slaughtered by wind farms are inconsequential.

It persuades us that future generations are more important than today’s seniors perishing due to fuel poverty – and today’s youngsters dying of preventable disease.

It teaches us that human suffering here and now is a trivial matter compared to that righteous, glorious quest to ‘save the planet.’ The Aztecs practiced human sacrifice. So do we.

Utter the phrase climate change and our brains malfunction. Rational behaviour ceases.

Sadly, the climate curse damages us in yet another way. As Dilbert creator Scott Adams points out, climate change has become an all-purpose scapegoat. It’s the go-to explanation for every unwelcome occurrence, the handy excuse for every human failure, screw-up, or poorly executed plan.

Low water levels in the Great Lakes? Climate change, of course. Record high water levels? Climate change. Flooding on the prairies? Climate change. Devastating wildfires? Climate change. Failed corporate strategy? You guessed it.

If the truth will set us free, what happens when a society habitually tells itself fairy tales?

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