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The Unromantic Green Energy Reading List

A counterbalance to mindless cheerleading.

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Fossil fuels are reliable. Reliable energy is necessary for the young, the sick, and the poor to thrive.

Fossil fuels are relatively cheap. Cheap energy extends the lives of everyone, but particularly vulnerable seniors. Cheap energy allows the elderly to spend their final years toasty warm rather than shivering in their beds.

These simple ideas are nevertheless difficult to grasp when we’re constantly advised that renewable/green/clean energy is the answer.

Below is a reading list of articles that have recently crossed my path. Collectively, they counterbalance the mindless, green energy cheerleading that dominates the airwaves.

Maintain healthy skepticism; don’t take anyone’s word for anything. And make sure you’re seeing the big picture.

‘Low-Cost’ Renewable Energy Is Breathtakingly Expensive (US, June 2019)

Solar and wind are taking over the world. We hear it all the time. Only it is wrong. (Denmark, May 2019)

Unreliable Nature Of Solar And Wind Makes Electricity More Expensive, New Study Finds (US, Apr 2019)

Germans Unable To Pay Power Bills…’Electricity Prices Have More Than Doubled’… ‘344,000 Households Cut Off’ (Germany, Apr 2019)

Wind & solar are always ruinously expensive (South Africa, Mar 2019)

The Reason Renewables Can’t Power Modern Civilization Is Because They Were Never Meant To (US, May 2019)

A Life Without Fossil Fuels Is Impossible Today (India, Apr 2019)

What if Green Energy Isn’t the Future? (US, May 2019)


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Turbine buckles, collapses on Oklahoma wind farm (US, May 2019)

Sumac Ridge wind turbine manufacturer files for insolvency (Canada, Apr 2019)

Windfarm has ruined my family’s life (Ireland, Jan 2018) full publication here

Turbine Hosts’ Lament: Hammered by Wind Power Outfits; Hated by Former Friends, Relatives & Neighbours (Australia, Apr 2015)

New study estimates 573,000 birds died at wind farms last year (US, July 2013)

Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines (Australia, June 2015)

EU seeks €1.7m fine over landslide wind farm (Ireland, Apr 2019)

Wind turbine shot, NaturEner offering reward of $2,500 (US, June 2015)

El Paso County wind farm vandalized, Sheriff’s Office says (US, Oct 2015)


After 5 years, Medicine Hat powers down $12M solar thermal power plant (Canada, May 2019)

Critics blame solar farms for high electricity bills as it emerges owners earn more money from taxpayer-funded handouts than selling energy (UK, May 2019)

Solar innovators forced to seek clearer skies than clouded pilot site of Forbes (Australia, June 2019)

‘Not Enough Sun’; Cloudy Days Force Solar Outfit to Move video (Australia, June 2019)

Tesla’s solar factory is exporting most of its cells – document (US, May 2019)


Tesla Details Why DC Charge Rate Is Limited After Too Many Charges (US, May 2017)

Illinois electric car owners may face $1,000 annual fee (US, May 2019)

Those dang electricity-using electric cars! (Australia, Apr 2019)



Consultant: Green Jobs A ‘Lobbying Effort,’ Not Real Data (US, Apr 2019)

Batteries cannot make renewables reliable (US, April 2019)

Grid Scale Battery Nonsense 2019 (US, Apr 2019)

The UK needs to spend more on researching green energy (UK, May 2019)

Food vs. Fuel: Diversion of Crops Could Cause More Hunger (US, June 2008)

‘Big problems’ on energy prices – industry pleads for action (Australia, May 2019)

B.C. Ferries and whale-watching boats harm killer whales much more than oil tankers (Canada, Feb 2019)

The Reason They Fictionalize Nuclear Disasters Like Chernobyl Is Because They Kill So Few People (US, May 2019)


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