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Migrants prone to hatred & intolerance: UN

It’s April Fools’, but this is no hoax. Report commits the sin it condemns.

It’s April Fools’ today, and the joke is brought to you by the United Nations University.

In 2017, that institution published a research report that says the UN has a “key role to play in ensuring ethical reporting” by journalists. It complains there are too few regulations about how journalists portray migrants and migration, and insists adequate monitoring of media coverage isn’t taking place.

This is a disturbing document from many perspectives, one of which is that no one at HQ apparently bothered to proof read it. It’s a mess from beginning to end, with numerous grammatical errors and typos everywhere.

I’m not talking just small ones. There, in the second paragraph of the introduction, we’re told that

migrants are especially prone to acts of hatred and intolerance.

That’s not what the report means to say. But that’s what it does, indeed, proclaim.

Click to enlarge; full report here

Last December 13th, I asked the UN University via its website if a draft version had been uploaded by mistake. Was another version of the report available?

I received no response, and the copy currently being distributed on the report’s official web page appears to be identical. It still says migrants are hateful and intolerant.

That’s quite a statement, given that the UN has been waging a years-long campaign to quash ‘hate speech’ against migrants.


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