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UN Has No Authority Over Me – But Is Working Hard to Change That

Nations have been demoted; on the top level of the org chart we now find the Borg.

While reporting on the climate debate over the past decade, I’ve grown concerned about the United Nations. After much careful research, I’ve concluded that its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a thoroughly political body that dresses itself in scientific clothing.

UN officials are using the good name of science to advance an agenda. That agenda, let us be honest, is anti-freedom. The modern world runs on energy – lots of it. Reducing, restricting, or limiting our energy consumption reduces, restricts, and limits our everyday choices about where and how we live, study, work, and travel.

As a free woman residing in a free country in the 21st century I’m not prepared to let the UN tell me how to live. It has no authority over me.

But it’s working very hard to change that. Late last year, when the UN-sponsored Global Compact for Migration was in the news, we learned that migrants matter more than fundamental freedoms in the UN universe.

So desperate is the UN for positive, politically-correct media coverage on the topic of immigration, it has cavalierly tossed freedom of the press overboard.

As I’ve struggled to make sense of this bewildering state of affairs, John Fonte’s book, Sovereignty or Submission, has been incredibly helpful. He explains that an epic battle is underway, albeit largely under most people’s radar. That battle is between individuals who believe in democratic self-government and those who support global governance.

In his view, global governance is being accomplished as we speak via an increasingly dense web of UN encroachment.

Twenty years ago, back in the year 2000, the head of the UN boasted that “more than 500 multilateral conventions” were already in place. (See the quote at the top of this page. Clicking the yellow box will take you to Kofi Annan’s full speech.)

Those conventions have one purpose: to entrench UN-specified norms in country after country instead of leaving decisions to the judgment of ordinary citizens and their democratically elected representatives.

In Fonte’s words, nations have been demoted. In my words: on the top level of the org chart we now find the Borg.

Our traditions, laws, and constitutions will simply get over-ruled. A steady trickle of new agreements will draw Annan’s “comprehensive legal framework” ever tighter, slowly throttling us.

Annan thought this framework would lead to “a better world.” But that’s only likely if you prefer to be treated like a child rather than an adult in charge of your own destiny. It’s only likely if you imagine that UN officials are your moral and intellectual superiors.

I highly recommend Fonte’s book. It’s an eye-opener and an education. He explains that judges play a key role in the democracy-versus-global-governance battle. For years now, they’ve been writing legal decisions that render national laws subordinate to international agreements.

That’s why the UN has been wooing (some might say corrupting and compromising) senior judges. I myself have observed this behaviour in the climate context.

People who value freedom and love democracy can choose to pretend the global governance battle isn’t happening.

Or we can elect leaders who will systematically withdraw our country from most UN agreements.


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Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others?
John Fonte

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