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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. Former National Post & Toronto Star columnist, past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

The Anti-Democratic United Nations

Presidents and Prime Ministers come and go. The UN machine persists.

The United Nations began as an entity where governments could talk instead of shooting at each another. Seven decades later, it has grown into a mammoth bureaucracy. With each passing year, the list of UN conventions, declarations, covenants, protocols, frameworks, and accords grows ever longer.

The newly-minted Global Migration Compact (which will henceforth also be known as the Marrakech Compact on Migration) begins by referencing no less than 27 other UN instruments concerning everything from sustainability to gender discrimination, to disabilities, to children, to something called the New Urban Agenda. These people are meddling in every corner of our lives.

Communication goes in one direction only. Top-down. From them – on their high thrones in Geneva – to us. This is an antidemocratic institution.

Ordinary people have no mechanism by which to call these busybodies to account. Since we didn’t vote them into office, we have no ability to turf them out. We have no means of objecting, no way of insisting that UN priorities are not our priorities.

Presidents and Prime Ministers come and go. The smug, bloated, out-of-touch UN machine persists. Winning some, losing some. Playing the long game.

Key insight: UN personnel have no reason to fear – or respect – the public.


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