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The Media’s War on the Public

SPOTLIGHT: American newspapers plan to complain, in an orchestrated fashion, about the US President’s “dirty war against the free press.”

BIG PICTURE: The Boston Globe is urging other newspapers to join it this coming Thursday, August 16th, in denouncing President Donald Trump. News outlets that have spent two years mocking, deriding, ridiculing, insulting, disparaging, condemning, belittling, maligning, and defaming Trump will now do so in unison on a prearranged day.

But there’s more than one war going on. For example, the war the media has been waging against the public.

In his book, The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray describes how the elites – politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists – impose their politically correct worldview on the rest of us.

Residing in well-to-do neighbourhoods, these people are insulated from the consequences of their decisions, policies, and opinions. For example, they welcome large numbers of illegal immigrants/refugees/migrants/asylum seekers despite the fact that every influx of newcomers erodes the well-being of their fellow citizens at the bottom of the economic ladder.

Jobs and affordable housing become scarcer. Public transportation becomes more crowded. Access to good schools and timely medical care is ever more difficult to obtain.

The elites don’t care. They don’t even deign to notice. The journalists amongst them commit two grave sins. First, they ignore what’s actually going on. They close their eyes. They gloss over violence and sexual abuse. They decline to report stories that might ‘inflame tensions’ or cast particular communities in a negative light.

Second, they demonize anyone who protests. Murray observes that public opinion polls tell us concern about immigration-related matters is widespread. Moreover, this concern has been growing for decades – even in the most tolerant of Scandinavian countries. A majority of the public has serious reservations about who is being let in, the numbers involved, or how fast things are happening.

Rather than reporting honestly and impartially, journalists squelch and smother. Individuals brave enough to talk publicly about such matters are labelled dangerous, anti-social, and marginal. They’re alt-right. Far-right. Hard-right. Nationalists. Bigots. Racists. Fascists. Nazis.

No. These are good people. With legitimate concerns.

TOP TAKEAWAY: When Donald Trump rails against fake news he speaks for millions of people who are tired of being silenced and smeared.


The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam
Douglas Murray

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