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Wholesome Family Fun

SPOTLIGHT: Three weeks of unseasonably hot weather can make you especially grateful for summer movies in air conditioned cinemas.

BIG PICTURE: I love animated films. These days, they’re absolutely stunning to look at. In recent months I’ve enjoyed, on Netflix Canada, the 2012 animated flick Hotel Transylvania, as well as its 2015 sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2.

The lovable monsters are well-imagined and memorable. The scripts are amusing, with flashes of brilliance. The soundtracks are infectious, and the overall tone upbeat and non-preachy.

At center stage is Count Dracula – a doting single dad raising a daughter. The first movie is about their sweet and tender relationship. Unlike many dads cast by Hollywood, this one is child-focused, competent, accomplished, and a pillar of the community. Changing diapers doesn’t faze him.

In the second movie, he assumes the new role of loving grandfather. The third movie opened in North America over the weekend, topping the box office. The young kids in the audience laughed a lot. They loved it when Dracula’s phone kept misunderstanding him. (When says he’s lonely, the Siri-like voice thinks he wants baloney).

TOP TAKEAWAY:  Hotel Transylvania 3 is a treat. The air conditioning is also swell :-)


Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania 2
Hotel Transylvania 3


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