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Politics Always Win

SPOTLIGHT: We’re told that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a scientific organization that makes scientific determinations. But that isn’t true.

BIG PICTURE: The process by which climate change was declared a problem is a process only bureaucrats could love. In his brilliant book, Belgian writer Drieu Godefridi explains why the ‘IPCC = science’ claim is false. It is a creation of governments. Its reports are creations of governments. To repudiate its findings, he says, would be to repudiate themselves.

Experts are nominated by governments to survey climate research and write a report. They’re assigned page limits, told what topics they must discuss, and warned that their conclusions must agree with earlier IPCC statements.

These experts have so little power they were unable to change the word ‘systems’ to ‘ecosystems’ in chapter four of the 2014 report. Because the title of that chapter had been decided years earlier, this simple change would have needed the consent and cooperation of multiple layers of IPCC bureaucracy.

TOP TAKEAWAY: Scientists aren’t in charge of the body that interprets climate change research. Like most bureaucracies, the UN works to expand its own reach. Again and again it uses ‘Science’ as camouflage.


The IPCC: A Scientific Body?
Drieu Godefridi

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