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Climate Hustle: Moi on the Big Screen

I’m on screen for a few seconds in a documentary film that will be shown in movie theatres across the US on May 2nd.

Tomorrow, May 2nd, a documentary film titled Climate Hustle will be shown in hundreds of movie theatres across the United States. This is a one-day event only, although here in Canada the film will be shown on May 2nd and 3rd in Toronto, and on May 8th in Halifax (full details here; film website here).

I wasn’t interviewed by those involved and haven’t seen the film, but have been advised it includes a brief clip from a lengthy interview recorded by Australian filmmaker Topher Field in 2013. Others appearing in Climate Hustle include climate scientist Judith Curry who blogs about the film here, Greenpeace founding member Patrick Moore, economist Richard Tol, and biology superstar Daniel Botkin.

Bill Nye, who plays a science guy on TV, has apparently declared that this film is not in “the world’s interest.” But the climate debate is multi-faceted and complicated. People of goodwill see matters from myriad perspectives. Science is only Part 1 of the climate discussion. The policy debate is Part 2. It involves examining our full range of options and deciding via exploration and negotiation which responses make the most sense.

Scientists aren’t the new priesthood to whom the sacred truth gets revealed. The rest of us aren’t miserable ecological sinners whose sole role is to obey the pronouncements of those who know best. If you’ve excluded me from the decision-making process, don’t be surprised if I want nothing to do with your grand plans.

Personally, I’ll take the irreverence and good humour of Climate Hustle‘s creators over puritanical authoritarianism any day.

Visit the film’s website here.





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