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I’m Invited – Parts 2 & 3

I’ve been invited to give oral evidence to a UK parliamentary committee – and have been offered a research fellowship at a think tank.


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A UK House of Commons committee is examining the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Forty-two written submissions received by the committee have now been published online. See them here.

My own submission may be read online or viewed as a PDF. Additionally, I’ve produced a footnoted, hyper-linked version that directs readers to my source material.

This morning I was formally invited to appear before the committee in person to provide follow-up, oral evidence. Two dates, in late January and early February, have been suggested. Details to follow.


Paragraph two of my submission contains some news I haven’t yet shared with readers of this blog. I’ve been offered a research fellowship with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy – an independent Canadian think tank. Beginning in January, I’ll be undertaking research projects on its behalf and writing about the influence of green activism on our communities.

Many environmental NGOs are tremendously well-funded, generously-staffed, and enjoy enviable access to decision-makers. Society currently has few monitoring or watchdog mechanisms to protect itself from green excesses.

Since power minus checks-and-balances is never a good idea, we’ll strive to make a constructive, sophisticated contribution to environmental conversations.



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